Marvin Chronister

Mr. Chronister serves as a member of the board of directors of Extraction Oil & Gas. Mr. Chronister is currently the owner of Enfield Companies, which is engaged in consulting and investment activities in the oil and gas sector. Mr. Chronister previously served as Interim Chief Executive Officer and Interim President of Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc., a domestic energy exploration and production company, from January 2014 until November 2014 and as a director of Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc., from 2011 to June 2016. From September 2009 until December 2010, Mr. Chronister served as Chairman and interim CEO of Sonde Resources Corp., an oil and gas exploration and production company focused on Western Canada and North Africa, where he also served as a director from 2009 to 2012. Mr. Chronister's prior professional experience includes roles at Deloitte & Touch, LLP, Kidder Peabody, Merrill Lynch, Transwestern Investments, Kiddie Corporation, and N.L. Industries. Mr. Chronister has previously served on the boards of Saratogo Resources, Inc., Harken Energy Corporation, Creel Energy Corporation, Resource Development Corporation, Transwestern Investments, Inc., and Electro-Marine, Inc. Mr. Chronister holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Stephen F. Austin State University.
Financial Expert